Sarahah: The hidden truth behind the Application!

Want to text your old crush from college days without letting him/her know your identity? Or are you looking for a chance to tell someone how much you admire her/him? Or may be you want to tell your boss how much you hate him/her?  Well, there is an app “Sarahah” for you that lets you do this anonymously.

But, wait! Is it safe to use these kinds of apps? Relax, sit back & scroll down. I’ll explain you in detail below! 

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah: Know the hidden truth before using!

By now, I assume everyone must be very much aware of the Sarahah app which has gone viral on all the social media platforms. An app that allows anyone to send anonymous messages to sarahah registered users. According to Gadgets Now, the app has close to 7.2 million Indians signing up for its service. “Sarahah” is the Arabic word for honesty or openness. Introduced by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq for employees to give anonymous & honest feedback to their employers now becoming the talk of the town after he rolled out the English version a few days back.

How does Sarahah work?

Sarahah: Know the hidden truth before using!

The Sarahah website describes the app in a very simple way: “Honest feedback from your coworkers and friends!” Practically, the app can be used at your work & also with your friends. Employees and employers can use this app to send constructive criticism & compliments to each other on the areas of improvements. Also, users can expect the genuine expressions of feelings from their friends through this anonymous app.

In my Facebook feed, I can see that 40% posts are about sarahah profiles! Users register with the app and share their profiles on social media expecting anonymous messages from their friends. Anyone who clicks on it can write a comment or a message to the user in a private way without getting his/her identity disclosed. 

The registered users after logging in can view the messages & craft a constructive message after they select a recipient. They can share the message on social media, report the user, block him/her and mark the message as a ‘Favourite’ if they like it. But, the app doesn’t allow users to respond to those private messages.

Stay away from the Scam!

Sarahah: Know the hidden truth before using!The Sarahah app is only meant to send and receive constructive messages without disclosing your personal details. The website says, the app encrypts all your personal information. Users are little more inclined towards knowing the identity of the persons who send them private messages. On the web, you can see a lot of hacks & tricks to find a way to check who sent the message. People are literally trying out those hacks. Because of this user trend, some scam websites took this as an opportunity to cheat users just to collect the users’ data.  

The fake websites like sarahah exposed & sarahah spyer have started doing rounds to make a fool out of users & churn out details from them. Once you open the website, it looks kind of genuine with all the real-time comments flowing down below & real time online users. Users will be asked to insert their user name to check the message. The next screen prompts to either download 2 apps or finish a small survey. Upon doing that you will be redirected to a remote page. Don’t fall for it, it’s a hoax.

Untold stuff that’s buried in Terms & Conditions!!
1. The privacy concern is a major setback of using Sarahah app. Sarahah can modify the terms & condition at any point of time. The private details & messages might not be secret for a long run! It’s not in anyone’s control to safeguard the confidentiality of the user & the messages he/she has received.

Sarahah: Know the hidden truth before using!

2. Though the app says it’s encrypted to protect your privacy, it has complete right to use your information like email IDs, location, private messages & can access your complete contacts.

Sarahah: Know the hidden truth before using!

Honesty Apps = Cyber Bullying

cyber-bullying We can see so many boys & girls out there sharing their private message screenshots on Facebook to show everyone that how much they are loved by others!

But the ugly truth is many users have received body shaming comments too and became the victims of cyber bullying. According to one of the victim’s stories, the anonymous messages showed up asking what her cup size is, and that person wanted to sleep with her. She wanted to teach that person a lesson. She bravely shared this to social media but, sadly she was asked to remove the screenshot from her friends & family just to keep her protected.

This app can be a big NO, especially for emotional people as all the negative & offensive messages will haunt their minds in a negative way. 


Sarahah, the brainchild of Saudi developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq allows all the registered users to get direct feedback from the world. It could be a great feedback, bad, nice or nasty comments. If you are strong & ready to accept all kinds of criticism, compliments & bullying comments you are good to use the app!

As far as privacy is concerned many experts are little sceptical after looking at the terms & privacy details of the app. The founder of Sarahah in an exclusive with India Today said that in some exceptional instances if a user doesn’t follow the app guidelines, his/her identity could be revealed. Hence, the application should be used diligently. 

Also, don’t fall for any scam websites to find out the stranger’s details who might have impressed you with sweet lines or bullied you with the vulgar comments! There’s still no authentic way of finding out who has sent you the message. You can enjoy this anonymous messenger responsibly without hurting the sentiments of your fellow users. If you want to uninstall it then you can do it on a desktop site. I hope all the privacy of users will be protected in the future when this app goes out of the limelight.

What do you think of Sarahah? Are users safe using this application? Let me know in the comment section below!

17/08/2017 – Harshith Das


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