How to add Social Media links to your Google Profile!

As we know that Google displays Social Media accounts in the knowledge graph of brands and businesses we manage & own, we have to make sure that our social links are displayed!

For example when I search for “Gold’s gym” I can see their social profiles on the right side in the knowledge graph.

knowledge graph of brands and businesses

Right now, Google manages to pull in profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Tumblr & Pinterest. I’ll show you to add your social media links in a very simple way just like how I showed you guys to create a robots.txt file under 30 seconds. 

To add your social media links to your Website’s Google Profile, just follow these simple steps:

1. Get more social media traffic on your websites by adding JSON-Link code into the head or body of your web pages.

2. Copy and paste the below code into a notepad first.

JSON-Link code

3. Edit this above code by adding the name of your organization to the ”name” section, adding your website to the “URL” section & adding your social media links to the ”sameAs” section of the script. Don’t change the Script type, context & type info in the code.

4. Go to Google Structured Data Testing tool & test your structured data(code). Select code snippet to paste your code & run the test.

5. Once you get 0 errors & warnings, you are good to go! Copy and paste the edited script into the head or body of your web pages.

Google might take roughly 25 days to 60 days to show up your social links in the knowledge graph!

“Patience is the art of hoping”

Thanks for stopping by! All the best! 🙂

02/08/2017 – Harshith Das

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