5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

Long ago, all the businesses relied only on traditional marketing mediums like TV, Magazines, Billboards & what not to promote their products and services. There was no social media platforms & no facebook marketing tips to help business owners to multiply their sales & enhance the market reach! As we know, promoting the products/services on traditional channels are quite expensive and many small business owners really don’t want to burn their pockets. Moreover, they can’t measure the reach & results of the promotions accurately.

Some brands came up with great guerilla marketing ideas to promote their brands. Earlier this strategy was used by small businesses with little budget but some mega brands also adopted the same concept to amplify the brand reach!

This electronic era, Social media has turned the tables for all the small & local businesses. Every small business owner can use this medium to reach the relevant target audience and pay close attention to their marketing campaign results. In this blog, I’ll take you through top 5 marketing tips for your business using the largest user base social media marketing platform FACEBOOK! So let’s get started…

1. Facebook Marketing Tips for your BusinessCreate Your Facebook Page!

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

People around the globe are hooked on Facebook to connect with their friends, family, relatives, brands, fan clubs etc. The Adweek recently said that users spend 35 minutes/day on an average on Facebook. So, looking at the average I can assure you that the maximum time spent on Facebook will skyrocket every day(35 minutes as an average is not bad). Worldwide, there are over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users as per Zephoria. Your potential customers are all over Facebook & spend a solid amount of time discovering stuff. So why not use this free platform to promote your business & connect with those potential customers? So use my first tip & create a free Facebook page for your business.

2. Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business – Choose a relevant username(@)

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

This is one of the very important facebook marketing tips you need to be more focussed on. As a business owner you have to choose the relevant username for your Facebook page so that when people search your brand name on Facebook, the page will come at the top in the search results because of the relevancy factor. Also, your Facebook page name should be very much relevant to your brand. It’s always better to keep your brand’s name as your Facebook page’s name. Username should also reflect your Facebook page’s name. Make sure you don’t get lost in the social media noise with irrelevant Facebook posts & usernames.

3. Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business – Know the best time to post!

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

Many business owners are skeptical about publishing posts on social media platforms. “Which day & what time is the best to post on Facebook?” This question literally haunts all the owners out there. Don’t worry social media experts will update on this subject very frequently depending on their studies. All you should do is follow them to explore more! The Firebelly recently said that the best time to post on Facebook is between Thursdays & Sundays at 1 pm to 4 pm. Weekdays are also good to get engagements for your posts but, I have a small bonus tip for you: Knowing the best time to post is good, but publishing the posts consistently is the best. You never know what can turn up out there! Try posting consistently at different times & check what time is the best for your brand to gain more engagement and traffic for your site.

4. Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business – Tools for your Facebook Campaigns!

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

We know that Facebook is one of the biggest ocean to dive in for promoting various categories of products/services for the relevant audience. Facebook marketing is vital for every business out there, but we will also need to track & analyze the results. So, I’m going to list few tools that will come in handy to organize, track & analyze the data to know whether the Facebook marketing campaign which you are running is a hit or a flop!

Have you ever come across “freemium tools”? I’ll break it down for you. The approach of freemium strategy is somewhat like a demo game the developers give you to play for free. If you like the game then you buy the full version of that particular game! Freemium business model is in the total boom nowadays because this model allows us to use the lite version of the tool. Some free versions are very useful, but some make us crave for buying the full version. 

Freemium business model is very well explained by Business Model Toolbox. Take a look at the image below!

Freemium Model - 5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

Ok, I hope you understood the model now. Try out every freemium tool and see what are they offering for free. Sometimes free versions are good enough to reach your goal. Scroll down for the best tools I have come across till date:

1. Facebook Ads Manager

What will be the better place to get reports & results for free than Facebook itself? Although this Facebook marketing tool has been treated as a basic tool, it offers a lot of insights & applications to create relevant & targeted advertisements to reach your audience.

2. AdEspresso

This tool is the simplest & straight forward tool that I have used so far. There are no much learning skills required for this tool, but trust me the results what you get with this tool is surprising for your Facebook campaign success. You can never get lost while using this tool. But, in case if you, then this Webinar will surely help you to create your first ad campaign with AdEspresso!

3. Hootsuite

With HootSuite, all the social media marketers & brand page owners can do more with Facebook in less time. HootSuite is meant for scheduling posts on various social media channels for various profiles. This tool comes in handy for Facebook page optimization & management. The real time analytics will help you to know your performance trends & measure your social content’s performance. It’s a freemium tool and it’s worth to start a 30-day free trial.

4. Social Pilot

The biggest competitor of HootSuite, the social pilot gets the job done in a much easier way!(I ain’t comparing here) The social media calendar is one of the top notch features I have used. Scheduling the posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the help of social media calendar is really quick & easy! You can drive a lot of traffic to your website from Facebook using this tool because of a lot of post customization that you can do. Also, you can customize your links with sniply to boost your branding. 

5. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a freemium tool available for you to write some amazing content & share it on the Facebook page! If you are finding difficulty in choosing topics of your niche interest & want to know the latest trending topics & most shared content, you definitely have to try this tool. You can also find key influencers to promote your content. Buzzsumo is good for bloggers who want to build their blogs using Facebook & other social media platforms

5. Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business – Create Facebook Offer Claims!

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for your Business in 2017

Facebook offer claims were introduced back in 2012 & now it’s completely revamped to make it mobile optimized. The main benefit of choosing Facebook offer claims in your campaign is the sense of urgency they create among people whom you target & your page followers. These offers have an expiration date so that on that particular date the offers you are giving to your customers will end. This info will be at the bottom of the post which motivates potential buyers to purchase your products/services. With this offer claim, you can target exactly around your objective. Try this feature to understand more.


Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for marketing in 2017. Everyone is active on the social media platforms & there are more than 2 billion active users/month on Facebook. 

Business owners can reach, educate, showcase, convert & up-sell their products/services to their potential customers on Facebook by targeting the exact audience. Embrace the new technology the marketing tools are offering to reach the specific crowd. 

Be consistent on publishing the Facebook posts on your brand pages. Engage more with your fan followers, educate them through your blogs & resolve their issues on the Facebook itself. This will gain a lot of trusts back to your brand from your potential customers. Your customers are your brand ambassadors who share the reviews & experience they had with your brand on Facebook & other digital platforms.

There are lot more tips on Facebook marketing campaigns for this year 2017 & I’ll be covering it soon in my next blog! 

So what do you think about these tips? Let me know in the comment section.

09/08/2017 – Harshith Das


  1. Hey there buddy

    hows it all going? I saw this and it prompted my interest since Im trying to promote my new business venture Mauritian Food Adventures. Check out our fb page.
    Just started out by boosting some posts which gave me reach but didn’t attract many likes or as required visits to out web site. Were trying to build an email list for the newsletter but its hard and slow going.

    Appreciate any tips. Ill be back in Mangalore mid September for about a month. Where are you based now?


    aka Dr Brian Purdey

    • Hello Dr Brian,

      Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

      I saw the Facebook page & pinged you over there. Also, I did a quick SEO audit on your website. I’ll discuss this with you in a very short window of time. I’ll make sure my tips will make your brand go viral & you build a large email subscribers list within no time 🙂 Happy to help!

      Currently I’m in Bangalore, India. Looking forward to meet you soon! Cheers.

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